California on track for June 15 statewide reopening, and here’s what to expect

From KTLA 5

Here’s what will change after June 15, according to state officials:

  • California will no longer have capacity limitations.
  • There will no longer be physical distancing restrictions for attendees, customers and guests.
  • The state will implement the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s masking plan, which lets fully vaccinated people ditch face coverings in most settings.
  • The state will also align with the CDC’s recommendations on travel, which include restrictions and prohibitions on travelers coming from countries that have severe outbreaks. But there will not be quarantine and isolation requirements for travel within the country.
  • At outdoor events with over 10,000 participants, like festivals, parades, sporting events and concerts, the state is recommending verification of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test. Or, if the person is neither vaccinated nor tested, venues can give them the option to attend but with a mask required.
  • At indoor venues with more than 5,000 guests, the state is now requiring, not just recommending, verification of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test. That includes conventions, sporting events and concerts.

Ghaly stressed that the state won’t require “vaccine passports.”

The statewide changes don’t mean that local public health jurisdictions can’t put in stricter guidance based on their conditions, said Dr. Mark Ghaly, secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency.

The state has been using a four-tier, color-coded blueprint to guide reopenings for months. While no counties remain in the most-restrictive purple tier for widespread coronavirus transmission, 10 counties remain in the red tier for substantial virus spread.

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