Marsh Creek Regional Trail Closure – starting October 11

As part of the Dutch Slough Restoration project Marsh Creek will be rerouted through the project. Two new pedestrian bridges will be placed on Emerson parcel, one on each end of the new Marsh Creek alignment.  Preparation of the Marsh Creek bridge construction (at the southwest corner of Emerson) is scheduled to commence on October 11, at which time, the Marsh Creek Regional Trail must be closed to the public.  Closure will be in effect for 4 to 6 weeks when the new bridge and trail realignments are completed.

From the south the trail closure will start in Oakley, where the canal crosses the creek. On the north the closure will start at the bridge crossing from the Big Break trail. Signs will be posted along the Marsh Creek Trail and the Big Break Trail

Dutch Slough Tidal Restoration Project

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