Waterfowl Hunting begins October 23

Those quiet weekend mornings are about to be interrupted with the sounds of shotguns. For many who are new to Oakley you can expect to hear the blasts shortly after the sun rises every morning but especially on the weekends. The following dates apply to most of California. To see what regulations apply to you see California Waterfowl

Waterfowl hunting regulations are set at two levels: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sets science-based frameworks based on waterfowl population and other data, with guidance from councils established in each flyway. Then the California Fish & Game Commission sets regulations that fit within those frameworks.


  • Ducks: Oct. 23-Jan. 31
  • Scaup: Nov. 7-Jan. 31
  • Geese: Oct. 23-Jan. 30
  • Early large Canada goose season: Oct. 2-Oct. 6 (except in the North Coast Special Management Area).
  • Late white-fronts and white goose season: Feb. 19-23 (except Sacramento Valley Special Management Area, where white-fronts are closed).
  • Special Youth Hunt days: Feb. 5-6.
  • Extended falconry season: Feb. 26-27
  • Veteran Hunt days: Feb. 12-13 (no geese allowed)


  • Ducks: Daily bag limit: 7, which may contain 7 mallards of which only 2 can be female; 1 pintail; 2 canvasback; 2 redheads; 2 scaup.
  • Geese: Daily bag limit: 30, which may include up to 20 white geese and up to 10 dark geese.
  • Early large Canada goose season: 10 large Canada geese
  • Possession limit ducks and geese: Triple the daily bag limit.


Brant SMAs:

    • Northern Brant, Nov. 8-Dec. 14; 2 per day
    • Balance of State Brant, Nov. 9-Dec. 15; 2 per day.

North Coast SMA: Canada geese, Nov. 8-Jan. 31, and Feb. 19-Mar. 10; no more than 10 per day, of which 1 may be a large Canada goose (no large Canada geese may be taken during the late season).

Sacramento Valley SMA: No more than 3 white-fronts may be taken Oct. 23-Dec. 21.

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