‘Dry scooping’ challenge turns pre-workout powder into a dangerous TikTok trend

From Tide PODS to planking, the internet has certainly seen its fair share of “challenges” over the past decade or so. Now, a new study is ringing the alarm bell about a troubling new online trend involving powdered pre-workout beverages. Researchers say the “dry-scooping” challenge, which has amassed over eight million views on TikTok alone, is potentially deadly.

Powdered pre-workout beverages containing tons of caffeine and other additives are intended to be mixed with water and then consumed. This dry-scooping phenomenon challenges online users to place a scoop of undiluted powder into their mouth followed by just a few sips of water. Considering that many pre-workout substances may be unsafe for adolescents, even when people prepare them properly, the idea that millions of teens are viewing this challenge is especially troubling to the researchers.

Study authors say anyone who participates in this challenge is putting themselves at serious risk of overconsumption or accidental inhalation of pre-workout powder. Even worse, some of these challenge videos show users mixing the pre-workouts with additional energy drinks or even alcohol. Read More > at the Study Finds

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