California releases monkeypox data for first time

from CalMatters

Amid mounting concern over the spread of monkeypox and calls for California to declare a state of emergency, state health officials on Friday released the first public breakdown of the 786 reported probable and confirmed cases so far. Among the key takeaways from the cases for which demographic information is available:

  • Men make up more than 98% of cases.
  • Gay and lesbian people account for nearly 92% of cases, followed by bisexual people at 5.6% and heterosexual people at 2%.
  • White people comprise 44.8% of cases, followed by Hispanic and Latino residents at 35.8%, Black Californians at 8.7% and Asian people at 6.1%.
  • Nearly 75% of cases have occurred in Californians between the ages of 25 and 44.
  • 11 people have been hospitalized due to monkeypox, and no one has died.

State Public Health Officer Tomás Aragón said in a statement that his team is “committed to fighting stigma against the LGBTQ community. … No single individual or community is to blame for the spread of any virus. Monkeypox can affect anyone and it spreads by skin-to-skin contact, as well as from sharing items like clothing, bedding and towels.”

  • The department also said Friday that while it works to obtain more vaccines, more than 30 facilities and providers can now administer an antiviral prescription drug for those who have already contracted monkeypox. The state also now has the capacity to process more than 1,000 monkeypox tests a week, the agency said.

In other virus news: COVID reinfections — when someone who recovered from a previous COVID infection tests positive again — accounted for 1 in 7 of California’s new cases reported through the first three weeks of July, with more than 50,000 documented reinfections, according to California Department of Public Health data shared for the first time with the Mercury News. “It begs for a new research agenda to understand the risk factors” for people who are repeatedly reinfected, said Dr. Robert Wachter, chair of UCSF’s Department of Medicine.

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