East Bay Regional Park District – Its Calving Season

August to October is calving season in Regional Parks. Be mindful that human interaction can create danger to both calves and people. Here are some tips to keep calves and people safe. 

• Admire calves from a distance. Do not approach, touch, or take selfies with calves. • Do not get between a mother cow and its calf. 

• Do not worry if you see a calf by itself. The mother cow is usually nearby and will return. 

• Leash up your dog around cattle and keep it away from any calves. 

If you believe a calf is in distress, injured, or sick, please report it to park staff at (510) 881-1833.

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Manager of Mainframe Operations and Optimization – USS-UPI, Co-Founder and Board Member - Friends of Oakley A Community Foundation, Trustee RD 2137, Advisory Board – Opportunity Junction
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