January 4 – Oakley Police Department – Advisory: Severe weather related road closure (Bridgehead Road) and sand bag update.

The City of Oakley has closed Bridgehead Road at the RR bridge and the road will stay closed until after the storms.  The closure does not impact any businesses and they have access. The Oakley Logistic Center/Amazon campus has access from Highway 160 and Wilbur Avenue.

We have placed over 2000 sandbags at Ironhouse Sanitation District (ISD) site past couple of days and they are nearly gone.  We are picking up another 2000 bags from Home Depot now to take to the ISD site, so far, we have delivered 6 dump truck load of sand to the ISD site.

The City of Oakley has been advised by the National Weather Service that an atmospheric river is expected to hit the Bay Area on Wednesday, January 4th. The City would like to share the tips and resources below to help the community stay safe.

  • Prepare for heavy rainfall beginning in the earlier morning hours.
  • Prepare for strong winds of sustained 20+ MPH to begin in the mid morning hours. 
  • Expect trees to fall around you and while you are driving. The strong winds that are predicted may cause the trees to come down due to the saturation of the ground.
  • Be aware of power lines near trees- avoid them if possible. If you encounter a downed powerline do not approach it. Report any downed powerlines by calling 911.
  • Do not drive in in flooded areas. The Oakley Police Department encourages motorists to adhere to posted warning signs, and if there are no warnings posted, exercise commonsense while navigating flooded roads. A good guideline is not to forge water that is higher than approximately 1/3 the height of your tire. If you can stay home, as the roads will be unpredictable.
  • Be prepared for the power to go out, possibly for an extended period of time. Click the link in our bio or visit https://www.cocosheriff.org/home/showpublisheddocument/228/637338625482570000 for information on what you can do before, during and after the power goes out.  
  • If you are still in need of sandbags you can pick them up at Ironhouse Sanitary District Monday-Friday from 7am-4:45pm. This is a self-service site, bags are available in the blue bin near the sand, please take only what you need.
  • Resources will be stretched thin county wide, so help will be slow to get to you, including roadway rescue efforts caused by driving into flooded regions.

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