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BART – Tri Delta Transit: Changes are Coming

            This week, Tri Delta Transit staff was informed that a BART schedule change will be implemented February 12th. For customers who take a bus to BART, the morning commute should not be a problem: … Continue reading

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BART’s new train cars now in service

BART’s new Fleet of the Future train is here. The very first customers to ride the new train cars boarded the train at MacArthur Station Friday morning as it made its inaugural passenger run. The new cars feature a wide … Continue reading

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Monthly Reserved parking waitlist for Antioch station opens 1/16/18

      The BART to Antioch extension is expected to open in May of 2018 with new service to the Pittsburg Center and Antioch Stations. On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 11am, BART will open up the waitlist for … Continue reading

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Get your BART ticket ready — starting this week, the inspector may want to see it

From the San Francisco Business Times Make sure you have your ticket or Clipper card ready if you’re riding BART this winter — beginning yesterday, all riders on the transit systems may be asked to provide proof they paid for … Continue reading

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18 and under will get 50% off starting January 1, 2018!

If you’re 13-18 (or know someone who is) and have a school break coming up for the holidays, here’s a tip that can save you big bucks in 2018: Get a Youth Clipper card for a 50% discount on your … Continue reading

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BART Passenger Bulletin: January Fare Changes

On January 1, 2018, a number of fare changes will take place as authorized by the BART Board of Directors. New Fares A fare increase of 2.7% will be applied to all fares, including discounted fares. The minimum fare will … Continue reading

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BART’s Guaranteed Carpool Parking Program Expands to Orinda and Rockridge

Beginning November 13th, BART will reserve parking spaces in the permit area at the Orinda and Rockridge BART stations for commuters using the carpool app, Scoop. This opening is an expansion of the Carpool to BART program which currently operates … Continue reading

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