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Its Bee Swarm Season

What to do if You See a Swarm It’s springtime and that means bees are on the move. According to the UC Davis Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program, warming temperatures prompt a queen and a group of worker bees to … Continue reading

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Report Dead Birds to help Prevent West Nile Virus

The Dead Bird Hotline is Now Open for 2019 Dead birds are often the first sign of West Nile virus in Contra Costa County. That is why the District needs your help. If you see a dead bird on your … Continue reading

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What to do to avoid painful yellow jacket stings

Put traps up now Yellowjackets can sting and bite repeatedly. Yellowjackets stings and bites are painful and can be dangerous for people who are allergic. And more than one yellowjacket has been known to ruin a backyard barbecue. What can you … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Rabies During Skunk Mating Season For skunks, it’s the smell of love as male skunks seek females during mating season. For the rest of us, it’s the unmistakable scent of skunk spray – … Continue reading

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Four Important Steps to Take Now to Prevent Mosquitoes Later

This winter was so dry, scientists said California’s chance of having a “normal water year” was down to nearly 30 percent. Then we experienced Miracle March 2018, and even more rain has continued off and on. Now there are plenty … Continue reading

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Young Skunks are Out and About

Each year, skunk activity peaks twice a year–in the winter during mating season and during the spring when young skunks are born and start to venture out into the world. Right now, those young skunks are exploring their surroundings and … Continue reading

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The Time to Prevent Yellowjackets is Now

The weather warms; you fire up the grill, throw on the chicken, and plan to enjoy dinner on the patio. Within minutes, there’s one yellowjacket hovering around the grill, then, more and soon several yellowjackets force you to change plans … Continue reading

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