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What is a General Plan

Oakley’s General Plan represents our long-term vision for land use. It is often compared to a “constitution” for local development, in that it is the highest authority adopted by the City for land use decisions. All land use permits, development … Continue reading

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Remembering Stephanie

On December 16th, 2000, Jim and Janet Frazier received the phone call that all parents dread. Their daughters Stephanie, age 20 and Lindsey, age 17, had been in an automobile accident. On an icy Highway 50, just west of Ice … Continue reading

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What would happen if ….

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a tsunami were to hit the west coast or if Mt Lassen were to erupt (Mt. Diablo is not a volcano) or perhaps a dam breaks, maybe an asteroid were to strike … Continue reading

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Municipal Government – Charter vs General Law

The power of the vote and the privilege to vote is one thing most conscientious Americans honor and respect. In reality, however, these same Americans recognize that politics can be underhanded, devious and downright dishonest. Being able to recognize a … Continue reading

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